10 Best Crypto Exchange Services for Making Huge Profit

Best Crypto Exchange

Cryptocurrency was created in order to replace the not-so-effective currency, financial, and banking system. However, this digital currency turned into something else. The banks start to keep it and many people see it as one of the best commodity for investment. They believe that cryptocurrency will become much more valuable in the future and trade it with each other. And, Best Crypto Exchange service was created to facilitate this activity.
Speaking about crypto exchange service, you will find there are a lot of them today. Of course, if you plan to make a lot from trading the cryptocurrency, using the Best Crypto Exchange is what you need to do. Therefore, we have listed for you. Below, you will find the best service you can use for making money in cryptocurrency trading.


This is one of the most popular crypto exchanges. You can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, or tether pairing here. There is also USDT pairs, which is originally a simulation for trading fiat currency with cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, you can’t trade the real fiat currency here. In order to use this Best Crypto Exchange, you must use Binance Coin (BNB). You also can use it to get discount for the cryptocurrency that you’ve traded here. It’s a good feature to use before you move and use another crypto exchange service. The best of all is the 0.1% exchange fee, which makes it become one of the cheapest trading fees you can find on the exchange market.


It once had a problem in 2016, when someone hacked this exchange system. However, because of that incident, Bitfinex turn into one of the Best Crypto Exchange services with the best security system. Equipped with many features as well as modifiable interface, this is worth to try.Currently, Bitfinex doesn’t provide the new small account opening service. They focus on the existing account. That means Bitfinex is specially made for you who really want to get serious in making a profit on cryptocurrency trading market. In the simplest way, Bitfinex is for professional.


We call it the crypto exchange service for everyone. The reason is they provide their service for 32 countries all around the world. Coinbase is the perfect choice for a beginner as well as seasoned cryptocurrency trader. It has a user-friendly interface as well as an exchange system. Inside, you can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Bitcoin cash. And, in order to trade, you must deposit the starting fund. You need to do this with fiat currency. You can make a deposit by using ACH bank transfer or credit card.


Poloniex is the Best Crypto Exchange, for you who are looking for the safest way to trade. Here, you can trade for many different types of Altcoins. But, the best of all is the unique feature you can find here. You can trade the cryptocurrency at the margin point. The margin trading can be considered to be one of the rarest features you can find today. Poloniex has a good interface. Plus, you also can find many analysis tools, information, data, and reference you can use to trade. With them, you can ease your mind when you trade here.


Kraken is another Best Crypto Exchange that also has margin trading feature as well as great place to trade for altcoins. The other good thing about this crypto exchange is you can wire your fiat currency to your account. That way, you can easily make a trade by using US Dollars, Euro, and other currency that you have, for the cryptocurrency. It also has many features, which make you easier to use many strategies.


For you who just know and start cryptocurrency trading, CEX.IO is the best service you can use. Everything here is easy to use and user-friendly. Therefore, even though you never had any experience before, you will know how the things work. You also can use a credit card and debit card as the resource for your starting fund. However, the fees are quite high, which is 7 percents. But, with high liquidity, you can expect to earn more cash than what you’d spent.


Bittrex is well-known as the place where largest Bitcoin trading has been made. However, you also can find all cryptocurrencies here, which give you more freedom to choose the best pairs that you want. Moreover, this place is also a great choice, for you who want to trade in greater numbers. The service fee is only 0.25%. Moreover, the verification process is also much faster. It also supports the trading for beginner and expert. With all of those features, we can recommend it to you as the Best Crypto Exchange.


This Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange has many useful features for all traders. They create a system that everyone can use easily. However, you won’t find common cryptocurrency in this place. Here, you will trade Dragon Chain, IOTA, and other different currency. Even though it’s not common, the 0.1% transaction fee and high leverage make it become the best place to make a profit.


If you are Koreans or live in South Korea or have funds in Korean Won, Bithumb will become the Best Crypto Exchange service you can use. You need to use Korean Won in order to trade here. Here, you won’t only be able to trade common cryptocurrency. You also can trade Ripple, Monero and other big coins. The interface is easy to use. Unfortunately, you won’t find any chart or price history on it. Therefore, Bithumb isn’t a good choice for you who plan to do the daily transaction.


This is another Best Crypto Exchange from South Korea. The best feature is you can trade Korean Won and Ethereum here. At the present, you can find Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Qtum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum Classic here. This is the perfect choice for you who live in Korea.


10 names we mentioned above can be considered to be the Best Crypto Exchange you can find now. However, in order to make a big profit from them, skill, preparation, and strategy are needed. So, if you have those three, uses any of those exchange services and start makes money.


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