Adding the Gesture Feature of iPhone X to Your Android Phone

Adding the Gesture Feature of iPhone X to Your Android Phone

Apple has successfully created and became the pioneer of many unique features in the Smartphone market. They create the feature, that’s not only useful but also really interesting for their product user. You can find one of their best creations on iPhone X, the product they launched last year. iPhone X has a unique gesture control feature, where you don’t need a physical button to operate it. Just move your hand and finger, and you will be able to use the menu on this Smartphone. So, How to Add Gestures of iPhone X to Android Phone?

It is indeed you can only find this feature on Apple gadget. But, you don’t need to feel down, if you prefer to use Android gadget. The Android gadget developer also tries to create similar features. OnePlus created unique Gesture control system. Google also developed a similar feature on the next version of Android, the Android P. Moreover, you can still try the similar gesture feature by using apps. One of the best features to add gesture control into your Android gadget is the Gesture Control. You can even install this app on Android 4.1 and of course, the OS above it. This feature can give you many functions like what you can find on the Android gadgets, such as Open Quick Settings, Go Back, Open Notification, Open Recent Apps, and many more. Moreover, here is the standard gesture you can find in this app:

  • Swipe Up: Home.
  • Swipe Left: Back.
  • Swipe Right: Notifications.
  • Swipe Up and Hold: Recent Apps.
  • Swipe Left and Hold: Split Screen.
  • Swipe Right and Hold: Android Quick Settings.
  • Swipe Halfway Up: No Default.

Those features are available for free version. However, you can get the more unique feature, such as Double Tap and Hold, Double Tap, and Long Tap by purchasing the paid version. These features will feel really helpful for an Android phone with a big screen size. The app also allows you to customize its function, so it’s matched with your need. You can customize almost all sensor area in your gadget screen. You can change how to adjust the height, keyboard pops-up, color and many more. You can only modify the area around the indicator on the free version. For the paid version, you can change even the horizontal posture.

Compared to the real gesture control on Apple gadget, we can say this gadget doesn’t have that good function. It still has many flaws, such as this app hide the virtual navigation bar. You can fix it with other apps, but you need to root your gadget. The all in one gesture app is also another app that you can use to add the gesture control. It is only compatible with Android 4.4 and above. It has three type of gesture, which can be used for many purposes, such as Open Apps, Short Cuts and change the screen. You also can modify it by add 12 swiping hotspot and even enable or disable gesture feature of your choice.


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