7 Ways Pricing Strategies for Your Aerial Photography Services


Aerial photography is a way to take photographs from an elevated position. The camera used is usually not supported by the ground-based structured. However, it is not as same as the air-to-air photography. Drone is the camera used for this type of aerial photography.

If you make money from photography services and use the drone as the equipment, the pricing might be different from the regular photography. Some people find it confusing though. This is why in this article we are going to break down several ways to make the pricing of your drone photography. Taking photos from the air seems so popular nowadays.

1) Custom quote pricing

The most obvious and common way to price your drone services is by providing a custom quote for every project. However, it is not as easy as how it sounds. Before you give the option of a custom quote, you must figure out how much to charge for each type of service. Some parts of the services should be standardized. If you are not, your clients would think that you just try to get their money according to their budget.

The standardizing process could start with the services you offer such as videos, pictures, and many more. Do not forget to include the price range for each. Depending on the deliverable, you can make a small or large range as well. A custom quote makes clients come to you more often because it fits their budget. However, it could be tough to maintain the growth of your business.

2) Hourly pricing

As a professional drone photographer, it is possible to charge your client with the hourly basis for certain types of project. Let’s say it would take you four hours to take 25 aerial shot photos of a new resort as well as the footage for a marketing video for 3 minutes. If you want to get paid at least USD 600, you can charge USD 150 per hour for this type of service. Meanwhile, if the project takes longer or shorter than the package, your client could pay for the time you serve and your time is literally money.

However, you have to be aware if you try to force the project by taking a longer period simply to get more money. It is not good business practice. It gives you money now but the panic will come later. Every business needs honesty for sure.

3) Turnaround time pricing

This is also the nice way to put the pricing options so it looks more appealing. It will be based on how fast you can deliver the project after the shoot. A longer turnaround time would make a greater amount of money since your clients will get the pictures or videos sooner.

If you want to make it this way, you need to figure out how long it will take for you to gather as well as edit the picture and videos you have taken with aerial photography equipment. Later, you should figure out the shortest time of turnaround as well. Shorter time means cheaper budget and vice versa.

4) Still photos pricing

When it comes to still photos, there will be how to pricing. First of all, you can offer the prices according to the size and resolution of the drone aerial photos. The more resolution and size you offer, the more your clients will use them for many purposes without lower the quality of its image. Meanwhile, you get better money and your clients get better resolution.

Some clients also want their images to get edit by Photoshop editing. This can be the add-on you can offer. Your clients would be happy because they do not need to pay another graphic designer to edit their pictures. Another option is to differentiate the price by the number of images you deliver to clients.

5) Aerial video pricing

When it comes to aerial photography, you can offer the aerial video option. The price of the package will be arranged by the length, editing, and music in the video. Longer duration of video will charge your client for a higher price. The editing and music in the video will also determine the price should be paid by your clients. For example, a lower price option is aimed for raw footage.

Other than that, you can give your clients an option of giving music in the video. Of course, it could be the add-on service you can give. The clients get the extra services and you get pay for it.

6) Combining still aerial photography and videos

A package option of combination between photos and videos will a great idea. First of all, you need to separate the package of photos and videos. Later, you will have another different section that combines both but with a lower price of a per-deliverable result.

For example, you offer 5 photos package for USD 150 and an edited video with 3 minutes duration for USD 500. If you make an option of photos and videos package, you can give USD 500. The clients would love to have the combined deliverable result even though there are also clients who only need one type of option.

7) Tools and equipment

Last but not the least you can make the pricing according to the equipment you use to take a shot. You can do this option by separating the price according to the quality of the camera or the drone. The clients will know how much you understand your equipment as well as this business. Other than that, you are responsible for the quality they pay.

However, you do not have to use the best camera and drone sold out there. Clients will take you seriously if you have that attitude. Still, best equipment helps you to stand out among the competitors out there.


Now you know several ways to make the pricing list for your aerial drone service. The best option is according to how you deliver the service. Even though clients are the king in the market, make sure you also have fun while doing the business of aerial photography.


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