7 Best Drones for Aerial Photography 2018


Drone gives something which can’t be done by the ordinary camera such as aerial photography. Before applying aerial photography, it is important to know the best drone for aerial photography. By choosing the best drone, you are able to produce some stunning aerial photos with the drone.

Amyove Quadcopter

Amyove Quadcopter is one of the recommended drones for aerial photography. There are several interesting reasons why this product is included on the list of best drone for aerial photography. The first reason is that of its compact and small design than the ordinary drone. Because of that, this drone is easy to bring anywhere and anytime you want to create aerial photos. As an aircraft mini, Amyove Quadcopter is also lightweight due to the plastic material along with fall and wear resistant. The second reason is of course because of the HD camera installed in the drone. The camera is high-tech enough so you can produce a clear, sharp, and vivid image photos in the most difficult angle. The third reason is that of the stylish design and you can choose up to 11 different colors. You will have an attracting drone to produce attracting aerial photos just like a pro.

Contixo F5

For those who love to use a stylish and futuristic design drone, you may go with Contixo F5 Quadcopter Drone. This drone is not only the best drone for aerial photography but also the easiest drone to fly. The PFV WiFi feature helps you to see the object clearly only from your iPhone or Android. Even, you are able to create a live video of aerial photography just like you are driving a plane. The best part is on the super easy controller, especially for the beginners. The easy to control drone makes the Contixo F5 known as a stable drone for aerial photography. Take off and landing is two difficult things to do for the beginners. This drone solves the problem along with a one-touch button to make it easier to do. The goal of the drone is trying to help you to create fantastic aerial photography just like a professional photographer.


Chnrong is also considered as the best drone for aerial photography. The interesting part of this drone is the headless design to help you control the device freely. The key to producing a high-quality aerial photo or video is using a stable drone. You are about to use a stable drone along with its altitude hold mode function. The result is also fantastic because the drone is supported by 5.0MP HD Wi-Fi camera. By using this camera, you can enjoy the object in real time. You may bring the drone anytime and anywhere in any condition due to its durable material. The most important thing, you can enjoy the best objects which can’t be captured with a digital camera.

Cinhent Quadcopter

If you want to get more references, just take Cinhent Quadcopter drone in your list. Just like Chnrong, Cinhent is offering a headless drone which makes beginner or advanced users can easily create a great aerial photo or video. The high-quality plastic material makes the drone not only lightweight but also durable enough in any condition. One of the strengths is that you can use this drone a little bit longer due to the better battery quality. The interesting part is that you are able to control your drone anytime even at night or in the low light terrains. You just need to turn on the super bright LED lights and you are ready to produce a great photo or video with the drone. The controller is handy along with friendly features, especially for beginners. To see the object clearer, you can also connect the drone with your iPhone or Android devices. The design is also eye-catching to see and it looks like a futuristic ship along with black, gold, and red colors.


Perman is also offering their best drone for aerial photography. The drone is designed for professional photographers who want to use a compact and lightweight drone but along with complete features. For example, the drone is supported by a camera, Wi-Fi, one-key take off and landing, wide-angle lens, and many more. You can produce great aerial photos and videos along with a stable controller, transmitter, and barometer features. The wide-angle lens is a great feature because it covers wider overview for more amazing aerial photos and videos. Creating a live video is an easy job to do because of the Wi-Fi control in which the system is able to pair the mobile app and the Wi-Fi system in the drone. The drone is able to fly more flexible than the other because of the gravity induction mode. As the result, you can control the drone to fly forward, backward, left, and right and you can see the surrounding from your mobile devices. There is also a GPS feature to make sure that you don’t lose the drone.

Owl Mode

Owl Mode is one of the drones you can consider while finding a reference. It is a portable drone in which you can keep the drone safe while you don’t use it in the most suitable pack. Then, just need to adjust in a few seconds before using it. Just like the references above, Owl Mode is also supported by Wi-Fi and HD camera for perfect aerial photos and videos just like what you want. This model is improved so you can fly the drone longer than before. You can use the drone anytime and anywhere you want even in a low light area. As the result, you can produce more high-quality aerial photos and videos to share with your friends and colleagues.

DJI Phantom 3

DJI Phantom 3 is offering a headless drone along with elegant and futuristic design. The drone is designed in white and red colors and it is great enough for its simplicity. The cool design is supported by an HD camera and you can use the camera to create a real-time aerial video. Just check the detail of the surrounding or the object on your smartphone devices. The GPS feature guides and controls the drone well so you can keep play with the drone and limit the risk of lose. DJI Phantom 3 is included on the best drone for aerial photography also because its intelligent battery which helps you to fly the drone up to 25 minutes.


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