Best Gaming Desks in 2018 – Ultimate Guide Before Buying


For all professional gamers, the gaming accessories, include the desk is as important as the game itself. The gaming desks can help the gamers to improve their performance. There are some requirements that a gaming desk should have. Here is all you need to know about the best gaming desks to give you a different experience of online gaming.

Features Should Be in the Gaming Desks

To find the best gaming desks, there is something you should put into consideration. The products should fulfill several criteria to help you narrow down your choice, include material quality, the desk space’s square inches, design, speaker holders, drink holders, motor noise, and the overall construction quality, The best desks for gaming should also come with some features such as:

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity commonly becomes the top priority of a gaming desk product. This is because there are many things that gamers usually put on the desk include heavy steel keyboards, desktop tower, dual monitors, and more. In this way, there is a lot of weight should be considered. You could pick up gaming desks made of the high-density glass top, wood, or aluminum that meets your requirements.

Cable Network

The desk you pick up should also come with cable networks. It will allow you to run your cables without being necessary to traipse all along the table.

Add-on Holders

To play the game comfortably, you might need a place to keep your speaker, game case rack, or even your drink. This is where the add-on holders will be very helpful. Make sure that the product you choose also has add-on holders where you can put additional items for gaming. In this way, you do not need to worry about spilling coffee or soda to your gaming desk.

Types of Gaming Desks

There are some types of gaming desks available to opt out there. Before purchasing the best gaming desks, know the differentiations the of desk types first.

Standing Desks

There are a lot of moments when you need to stand up when playing your game. This kind of gaming desk can be adjusted in height to meet your comfort.

Multi-Tiered Desks

These kinds of desks will be suitable the most if you have a designated monitor stand for gaming. They come with more technical setups to make them feel handy.


If you need something ordinary but with the capability to hold all of your equipment, standard gaming desk is the best option. It basically comes with high weight capacities, ergonomic designs, and adjustable heights. All you need to do is just paying attention to the available surface space.


The next common type of gaming desk is the corner. The type is also called the L-shaped desk sometimes. The shape of the desk will give you more privacy when playing and offer more space to set up a three-monitor display effectively. However, there are some essentials features that missing from this desk type such as cable conduits.

The Best Desks for Gaming in 2018

To help you narrow your selection, here is the list of the best gaming desks you can find at the market right now.

Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro Computer Desk

This gaming desk product of Atlantic comes with sturdy design and wire rack where you can keep your headphones, game cases, or drink. The desk is all built into the sturdy legs to improve your comfortability. So, you will be able to stay stable either you are playing on a plastic mat, hardwood, or carpet. There is also a designated monitor stand provided which can be used to place device up to 32lbs. In addition, there will be enough space for you to connect your laptop. You can also find charging station along with the power strip holder in the desk.

The Best Desks for Gaming in 2018

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Arozzi could be included as a new player in this industry. However, the gaming desk product offered by the company is absolutely fantastic. The desk comes with management conduit that will be ideal to help you hide your PC’s cable. In this way, you can experience a completely clear and free gaming activity. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk is also completed with a height controller. This will make you keep comfortable to play a game in different positions. Though it can hold equipment up to 175lbs on the top part, you will find no sturdiness problem in this product.

The Best Desks for Gaming in 2018

Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S

The third best desk for gaming in the list is Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S. The desk comes with a sleek carbon fiber texture to guarantee the durability. It also has a spacious surface of 44.5 inches wide to enable the gamers to play a game in a more comfortable way. The large surface provided would be perfect space to place gaming keyboard, gaming monitor, as well as the other gaming gears. The design of the desk is sturdy and the Z-shaped design is created to promote comfortability when playing games. The leveling feet are also offered to ensure that the gaming desk is stable and level.

The Best Desks for Gaming in 2018

Kinsal Z-Shaped Gaming Desk

This Z-shaped gaming desk from Kansal is very easy to install and assemble. The ergonomic design of the desk is an ideal choice for gaming. The product is made of wood and steel rod frame to ensure the durability. The desk’s dimension is 44.9 inch in length and 23.6 inches in wide to give you spacious surface to experience comfortable gaming and place PC monitor, keyboard, and the other gaming accessories. The Kinsal Z-shaped gaming desk also comes with multiple functions. The design is also aimed to maintain the ergonomic spacing the screen height. Meanwhile, the load capacity of the product is 550LB to allow you to place various devices for gaming in one place.

The Best Desks for Gaming in 2018

Ficmax Gaming Desk

Last but not least, one of the best gaming deks on the list is from Ficmax. The product comes with the durable, comfortable, and ergonomic design. It also provides E-sport racing design along with LED ambiance lighting. You can put dual monitors on the desk and there will be enough space available for you to experience fun gaming. The desk of Ficmax is also made of rod frame with the finest quality.

The Best Desks for Gaming in 2018


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