How to Get Apple Music Free Trial on Verizon for Six Months

How to Get Apple Music Free Trial on Verizon for Six Months

Have you decided to choose iPhone from any other Smartphone brands? If yes, the term of Apple Music must not be something strange. It is even very familiar for you who love hearing music a lot. In this feature, you may find some services including the free streaming for three month. Unfortunately, you need to pay to subscribe it for around $10. Even in some countries, the fee is more than that which is up to $14,99. Undeniably, this is something that often makes people think twice to subscribe this feature. Then, they try to look for any other streaming services that can offer all of them for free.

However, it is actually still possible for you to enjoy Apple Music not only in three months. To gain more subscribers, Apple has conducted cooperation with another company, it is Verizon Wireless. Starting from August 8, 2018, there is a notice for subscribers who use Verizon regarding the free period in Apple Music for six months. There is indeed a requirement for this offer. The subscribers mentioned above are them who also use the unlimited data plan from Verizon. So, are you interested to use this feature as well? If yes, there are some steps you need to pass through before enjoying Apple Music via Verizon for six months?

First of all, you need to go to the webpage of This site is to find the six-month offer via PC. But if you want to do it directly from your Smartphone, you can open My Verizon App. Make sure you have installed this app before all of this.

Second, open the app and go to My Account. After entering this menu, scan the page to find Add-ons, it is located on the top. The placement can be different based on the Verizon version. But mostly, it is indeed on the top of the page.

Third, swipe the page to the left to find the Entertainment Category. In the menu of Entertainment Category, there must be some apps available based on them that you have installed before. Choose the deal of Apple Music.

Fourth, in the Apple Music app, there is also a menu with some options. Choose the free trial option. Make sure to tap on the free trial for six months. Then, the confirmation screens are appeared. It is still better to read all the terms and conditions before confirming it. Therefore, you can just know what some features to be found and some others that are not. After the terms and conditions have been confirmed, there is a confirmation text from Verizon to receive. It is mainly about to start the free trial for six months. In the text, there is a link that connects to or the Apple Music app that is already available in your Smartphone.

Fifth, open the link and it leads you to the Apple Music app. If there is a confirmation window to continue, tap yes and enter the App Store password.
Lastly, it is done and now, you can enjoy the free Apple Music up to six months later.


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