How to Make Youtube Runs Five Time Quicker For You Who Don’t Use Chrome


Who does not know Youtube? This website is accessed by at least 1.5 million viewers from all around the world. More than 5 million channels are available on Youtube, making this website ranks as the second highest in the online search engine. There are even those who make profits from this phenomenal website.

Lately, Google has released the newest version of Youtube. But it is reported that Youtube runs quicker in Chrome than other browsers such as Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. This case is actually not surprising or new because every time Google introduces and releases a web service, it is established to run best in Chrome. Also, in the past Google did not support other browsers than Chrome with its several services.

If you use another browser besides Chrome, you can follow these tips to make Youtube runs five times quicker.

Mozilla Firefox

In order to make Youtube runs five times quicker in your Mozilla Firefox browser, you have to install the classic extensions of Youtube in order to get back to its old version. You are able to follow these steps to install the Youtube classic:

• Install the classic add-on of Youtube for Mozilla Firefox.
• After the installation succeeds, it will show the classic design after launched Youtube.

Microsoft Edge

There is no extension available in order to make Youtube goes back to its old version for Microsoft Edge browser. But you can use the Tampermonkey script to make it goes back to the old version and runs five times quicker. Here are the steps you can follow:

• Run the Microsoft Edge browser.
• Download the Tampermonkey script from the Microsoft store.
• Go to settings, click more action, then click extensions.
• Activate the Tampermonkey extensions.
• Open this web page and click install in Microsoft Edge. This will install the user script in order to allow Youtube back to the classic version.
• Launch Microsoft Edge.
• Access Youtube.

After you follow those steps mentioned above, Youtube should be running quicker now.


There is also no extension available for Safari in order to make Youtube back to its classic version. But you can also use the Tampermonkey script for this browser to make Youtube goes back to its old version and runs quicker. Follow these steps below:

• Launch the Safari browser.
• Download the Tampermonkey extensions for Safari browser.
• You will be asked whether to trust or cancel the installation. Choose trust in order to make the installation complete.
• After the installation succeeds, activate the extensions.
• Open the web page and install it on the Safari browser. This will install the user script in order to allow Youtube goes back to its old version.
• Then, you just have to open Youtube on Safari browser. And it should run better and quicker now.

Those are the tips you can follow in order to make Youtube runs five times better and quicker on other browsers if you do not use Chrome.


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