Is It Possible to Backup Gmail Data from One Account to Another?

Is It Possible to Backup Gmail Data from One Account to Another

Often get a problem with your Gmail account? Well, backing up the data on the account to another one can be the best solution to take. Here are the steps you should follow to backup Gmail data from one account to another.

#Step 1

The beginning step to backup data from your Gmail to another account is by closing all of the services provided by the account. You can also take an option to not check the mail received automatically.

#Step 2

After closing all of the Gmail services, you need to click on Gear (settings) icon that you can find on the toolbar’s right side. Then, make sure to choose Setting from the menu displayed on the account and click it.

#Step 3

After selecting the Settings, you need to click on Forwarding as well as POP/ IMAP tab. When you enter the POP download area, you have to choose to click on the enable POP for all email to create the status. In this way, the Messages stored in the Archives will be automatically moved to the new account.

#Step 4

Once you are able to get access to the messages received on your Gmail account by using POP, you need to choose archive Gmail’s copy. It can be found on the drop-down menu and functions to help you clear the inbox contained in your old Gmail account. After that, you can choose to click delete Gmail’s copy in your old account to enable you to check all of the messages you have copied before. If it is necessary, you can also select Keep mail’s copy to allow you to retain or delete the messages contained in your old Gmail. You will be given thirty days to store the messages in the old account and they will be available in the trash. Don’t forget to save the changes, anyway, and then you can start the importing process of the messages to the new account.

#Step 5

The next step to do is log in to your new Gmail account and click on the Gear icon available on the menu select settings.

#Step 6

After that, make sure that you go to Accounts and Imports tab.

Is It Possible to Backup Gmail Data from One Account to Another

#Step 7

To check the messages you get from other accounts, all you need to do is just click on the Add a mail account. When you move to the Email Address, make sure that you enter the email address used in your old account where you import all the data from and then click on “Next”.

#Step 8

For the next step, you need to check the email address you have entered before just below the username and then enter your password. Don’t forget to click on the available on the POP server.

Is It Possible to Backup Gmail Data from One Account to Another

#Step 9

Make sure to select Port as 995 after that and confirm through Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server that you have already check it. You also need to make confirmation that Always uses a secure connection (SSL) while retrieving mail by putting a checking sign on it. Click Add account after that.

#Step 10

Click on Yes, I want to be able to send mail as and then click Next. Enter Name and select Next. You may skip the Treat as an alias and click Next before selecting Send Verification.

#Step 11

After all the processes above are completed, make sure that you close the window and then sign out. You can use your old email address to log in to the new Gmail account. You can also use the address to open messages from the account with the subject mail confirmation-Send mail as ______ Don’t forget to copy the confirmation code displayed and then sign out.

#Step 12

Now, use the new Gmail address to log in to the account and then click the settings icon to open Account and import tab.

#Step 13

Make sure to verify your old Gmail address in Send Mail as and then paste the confirmation code in Enter. Last, click the Verify and to verify the confirmation code and all of the data will be fetched by the Gmail account at once.


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