The Best iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Cases and Covers

iPhone XS Case

A few days ago, Apple has made a big announcement – they launched the new series of iPhone named iPhone XS and you may be just wondering about the best iPhone XS case to cover your phone. So, here in this article, we are going to show you several brands for covering that small yet expensive thing later.

iPhone XS has started the pre-order since September 14. On the other hand, you should have prepared the case so when the phone is coming to your hand, you need no worry about its “clothes”. Check this article out and find the best case for your little baby later.

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Style with Premium Hybrid Protective Clear iPhone XS Case

iPhone XS CaseThe iPhone cases from SUPA is compatible for any iPhone X released in 2017 and iPhone XS 2018. It looks slim and adopts the minimalist style without making it looks boring. On the other hand, you can easily slip the phone in and out of your bag or even pocket. They design the bumper around that made of TPU material and it absorbs the shocks very well. The back part of your phone will be safe because they apply the PC backing to prevent blemishes and scratches.

Full access to all ports, features, and functions is available since they apply the precise cutouts. The case is equipped with the elevated bezels, preventing the camera lens and screen contacted another surface. The case is available in navy, black, pink, camo/green, metallic gray, and violet. It starts from USD 10.99. Read the full review in

Spigen Thin Fit

Spigen creates the fabulous iPhone XS cover with its nice yet simple design. The material is lightweight and slim so you can handle it easily. The case will defend your smartphone from the scratch that could be caused by daily causes since the exterior is pretty rigid. The cutouts are so precisely decided so you can have full access to all features, functions, and plugs.
You can also install the magnetic car mount because there is a reserved space designed for metal plates. The case is available in 7 colors such as mate black, white, blush gold, graphite gray, metallic red, rose gold, and satin silver. It starts from USD 10.99 and you can read the full review here

ESR Slim Clear Soft TPU Case

iPhone XS CaseIf you are looking for an extremely thin iPhone case, ESR could offer it for you. The case is, in fact, very thin and light which only gives you 1mm in thickness. It will never add any additional bulk to your iPhone. The case is crystal clear so it shows the original look of the device but you do not sacrifice its safety.

The material involves the soft TPU that is, in fact, better than the hard PC when it comes to the glass back on the iPhone. The screen and camera edges allow the full protection on both so those will not have direct contact with another surface that could cause scratches. Even though it looks crystal clear, you do not need to worry about the “wet look” because of its Micro Dot Pattern. The case is available on clear, jelly black, dark, jelly pink, pearl pink, solid black, silver frame, rose gold, rose frame, and red frame. Read the full review here


 iPhone XS Max CoverAinope has released the iPhone XS Max cover with a sophisticated technology. This is a soft case with a crystal clear look but it does not reduce the function. The perfect cutouts make this case a perfect fit for your device with the lifetime warranty from Ainope. It also features the screen and camera protection with the bezels so you need no worry about scratches and blemishes on that crucial spot.

The case features the advanced technology so it supports the wireless charging as well. Since the case is crystal clear, the original iPhone design is always in the spotlight. The case is available in two options: transparent and black. If you buy now in Amazon, you can get USD 12.99. The full review is here


iPhone XS Max CaseSo, Ringke has released the iPhone XS Max case following the debut of this gadget. The case supports Qi or wireless charging. The cuts are precisely fit and its dark TPU profile creates a streamlined and slimmer look. Your phone will look pretty tough since the case applies the contouring by using some flexible protective layer.

You can attach some accessories like the wrist straps on its built-in lanyard hole that allows you to make a quick latch. It has a great shock absorption due to its lightweight and slim case. The case also supports full access to all functions and features without reducing the durability of its protection. All corners are fully protected though.

The case is available in black and lilac purple. It costs around USD 8.99 on Amazon. Read the full review here

OtterBox Defender Series

iPhone XS CaseSo, Otterbox also has released its series of iPhone XS protector case with the Defender Series. This cover and case will be compatible with both iPhone X and iPhone XS. They provide a multi-layer defense from the solid inner shell and the outer cover is soft. However, it does not provide the built-in screen protector. There is kickstand under the belt-clip holster on its back.

You can prevent dust and debris buildup covered the ports so this case also offers the port covers. OtterBorx offers the limited lifetime warranty with terms and conditions that can be viewed on its official website. You can get this case for USD 24.95 and there are several options: black, stormy peaks, purple nebula, coral dot, big sur, and blaze orange. Read the full review here

Giving a case or cover to your gadget is not just for accessories. The case is helpful to protect your device from scratches due to daily use and many other things. So, according to your lifestyle and preference, those brands we have mentioned above will be a great iPhone XS cover.


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